EndNote Workshop for Experienced Users

Using EndNote as a database tool.

This workshop addresses users who already know how to build an EndNote library and use it for citations in a manuscript. The workshop will mainly focus on using EndNote as a database tool managing your references.

Enhancing data

Adding full text articles and other file attachments
Importing references from PDF-libraries
Reference updates
Add keywords and research notes in the EN library
Finding the paper you need:

Change display options
Searching and managing your own library
Organize your EN library by groups, smart groups and group sets


Changing and editing styles
Creating independent and subject bibliographies


Text collaboration using EndNote
Transferring and backing up libraries
Issues and questions presented by workshop participants

The workshop will be held using the campus PC´s, equipped with EndNoteX7 and Word2010. If you wish to bring your own laptop or Mac, please note that within the timeframe of the workshop the instructor will have limited time to assist you. Should you need such assistance, please note that you may order time with a librarian.

See here for time, place and signing up.

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