Månedlige arkiver: november 2016

Utlyste stillinger ved MBI / Vacancies at MBI

3 stillinger er nå under utlysning ved MBI: 2 stipendiatstillinger (4 år) og et professorat (etter Rein).  Dere må gjerne videreformidle utlysningene til potensielle kandidater!

There are at present three vacancies at MBI.  Two research fellow positions ( 4 years) and a full professorship to replace Rein on his leave to Oslo. Feel free to distribute the calls to potential candidates! Les videre

Reminder – local funds for master students and PhD candidates – deadline 1. December

As master student or PhD candidate at MBI you can apply for financial support to attend seminars/conferences.  For PhD candidates support can also be given for other research training activities, such as research stays at external research institutions.

The next application deadline is 1. December. Les videre

Accessing and editing research group and program webpages

Rein’s encouragement to update the information available at our website, www.uib.no/mbi  /  www.uib.no/en/mbi also included our research group and research program webpages.  These can only be edited by a limited number of persons as decided by the leader of the individual group or program.   If you want to appoint a new editor/writer, please contact Knut Olav. Les videre

Accessing and editing your personal info page at www.uib.no

During Thursday’s HSE-seminar, Rein encouraged everyone to have a look at their personal info at uib.no.  All employees at UiB have a standardized personal webpage which will have the following address format:
http://www.uib.no/personer/Knut.Olav.Daasvatn (Norwegian)
http://www.uib.no/en/persons/Knut.Olav.Daasvatn (English) Les videre

Workshop om skriving av personlig undervisningsportefølje 2. desember

Påminnelse: Fremdeles mulighet for å melde seg på workshop!

MN-fakultetet arrangerer 2. desember en workshop om skriving av en personlig undervisningsportefølje som er en integrert del av en søknad om status som Fremragende underviser. Workshopen blir ledet av de pedagogiske utviklerne Anders Ahlberg og Roy Andersson fra Lunds Universitet.

Påmelding: http://www.uib.no/matnat/102335/workshop-undervisningsportefølje Les videre