Invitation to trial lectures for vacant professorship

As part of the selection process for the open professorship in Molecular Biology at the Department of Molecular Biology, three of the applicants have been invited to present a trial lecture: 

Gray Pearson
Tuesday 27 June 2017 – 09:15-10:00, N-terminalen

David Micklem
Tuesday 27 June 2017 – 11:30-12:15, N-terminalen

Kathrin Thedieck
In August (to be announced)


About the trial lecture:
We have invited the candidates to present a lecture with a title chosen among those listed below (30 minutes).

  1. «The molecular basis of antibodies and their uses in molecular biology»
  2. «The molecular evolution of mitochondria from an ancestral prokaryote»
  3. «The use of yeast as a model organism in molecular biology»
  4. «The multiple levels of DNA structural organization and its functional consequences»

The lecture should exemplify different levels of detail and complexity, aimed at a 3rd-year-bachelor-level audience.
–  An introduction to key concepts
–  A more advanced exposition of a selected subtopic, connecting to current research (including your own where fitting)

We have also asked the candidates to present their experiences, thoughts and visions on teaching in their field, and to describe how they could potentially contribute to improve the quality of teaching at the department.

We will be open for questions from the audience for about 5 minutes after each lecture.

The interview group consists of Professor Rune Male from the Department of Molecular Biology, Professor Anni Vedeler and Professor Inari Kursula, both from the Department of Biomedicine.

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