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Reminder: Monday seminar 27. February Kirill Jefimov

Kirill will this Monday present the following Monday seminar:

Monoallelic gene expression

The seminar is given as part of the outreach activities of Kirill’s PhD and should be well suited for students or others interested in the topic.

Monday 27. February, 12.30 at the seminar room (N-terminalen).


Monday seminar today, 20. February – Suman Kumar

Suman Kumar will today present a Monday seminar as part of the mid-term review of his PhD.  Suman is a PhD-fellow at the Sars international centre for marine molecular biology, working in Harald Hausen’s group.  The title of Suman’s seminar is:

Photoreceptor development, circuitry and function in the marine polychaete, Malacoceros fuliginosus

TODAY (20.2), 12.30 at the seminar room (N-terminalen)

The Kjell Kleppe Day on November 10th!

Kjell Kleppe

Kjell Kleppe Foto: UiB

We remind you of the Kjell Kleppe day with the inaugural Kjell Kleppe Lecture November 10th!  The Kjell Kleppe Lecture is also part of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science’s Horzion lecture series – see also the Horizon lecture invitation.  Please find the programme for the day below.  Abstracts and further details can be found here: Kleppe Lecture invitation   Les videre

Horizon/Kjell Kleppe lecture – Rickard Sandberg – Single-cell RNA sequencing: A modern microscope

Welcome to a Horizons lecture Thursday 10th of November in Egget at Studentsenteret

Rickard Sandberg – Single-cell RNA sequencing: A modern microscope


 Refreshments will be served from 15.45. The lecture starts at 16.15. Everybody is welcome! Les videre