Horizon lecture 5. May, Jacques Laskar – Planetary motions: Order and Chaos

Welcome to this Horizon lecture Thursday 4. May at «the Egg», Studentsenteret

Laskar is Director of Research of highest rank at CNRS and Paris Observatory where he leads the group “Astronomy and Dynamical Systems”. Laskar is a member of the French Academy of Sciences and Member of the “Bureau des Longitudes”. He has been awarded the Silver medal from CNRS and the Brouwer Award from the Division of Dynamical Astronomy from AAS for his work. J. Laskar’s work spans various field of fundamental astronomy, his main interest being the study of motions in planetary systems. He devoted large efforts to obtain accurate solutions for the long-term motion of planets in the Solar System that are used as the world reference for paleoclimate studies. In pursuing this work, he demonstrated that the orbital motion of the planets of the Solar System is chaotic, with exponential divergence of the orbits of a factor of 10 every 10 million years, making it impossible to predict its motion beyond 60 million years. He showed that planetary perturbations create a large chaotic zone for the spin axis motion of all the terrestrial planets, and that without the presence of the Moon, the Earth’s axis would be highly unstable.


Refreshments are served at 15.45.  The lecture starts 16.15 and will be held in English



Everybody is welcome!



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