Cycling World Championships and the University of Bergen

From September 16th.-24th. the UCI Road World Championships are being held in Bergen. This will have implications for access to and from places of work and study for staff and students at the University of Bergen.  Information regarding the World Championships and the implications for UiB can be found at this website:

It will be important to monitor the information provided through the UiB employee webpage and other websites referred to.

Transport to and from the city centre is going to be a major challenge during the World Championships as well as finding appropriate accomodation for guests.  UiB therefore ask their units not to plan seminars, lectures, conferences or other major events during the World Championships.

It will be possible, in dialogue with your immediate manager, to organise working from home for the week that the cycling championships are being held. Agree also with your immediate manager any need for increased flexibility in working hours for school or nursery runs.

Best regards

Division of human resources
Sonja Dyrkorn, HR-direktør      Lise Gundersen, seniorrådgiver

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